Oakland, California

Founder & CEO at CampaignHelp, expanding capacity in operations and technology for progressive advocacy organizations.Formerly:
→ Director of Operations at CREDO Action.
→ Co-founder of Equality Network, an LGBTQ direct-action organization that fought to overturn Proposition 8 in California.

About me

I'm a social justice operations leader known for my highly communicative, low-ego style of work. I value workplaces that foster diplomacy, empathy, and communicating with intention.I can help your organization or company with:

  • More deeply integrating platforms and consumer-facing technologies, especially: Google Workspace, Notion, Trello, Airtable, Slack, Discord, among others;

  • Email deliverability for digital, progressive advocacy;

  • Digital security;

  • Project management, work processes, and automation;

  • Making hiring and onboarding more just and equitable.

Other projects

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